The Benefits of Shaved Mozzarella for Pizza

May 24, 2023Millie Ward

If you’re as much of a pizza-lover as we are, you might’ve wondered what type of mozzarella is best for pizza.

While diced and sliced mozzarella are both popular options, shredded, grated and shaved mozzarella are usually the go-to's for foodservice businesses and restaurants due to their quick-cooking and melting capacity, allowing for faster service.

Cooked Uncut Margherita

When recently swapping our Il Uno 9 Inch and 12 Inch Margherita Pizza Bases from cubed mozzarella to shaved mozzarella, keeping the exceptional quality and taste was our ultimate goal. By using shaved mozzarella, we were able to improve our Margherita Pizzas with a small and simple change that had little to no effect on our customers!  

You’ll never go wrong with authentic, creamy mozzarella for your pizza, but here are our top benefits of using shaved mozzarella for our pizzas... 

Shaved Mozzarella Uncooked

Benefits of Shaved, Grated or Shredded Mozzarella  

1. Quick-Cooking  

Along with the obvious convenience and consistency of using shaved mozzarella, perhaps the biggest benefit of using this type of cheese for your pizza is the quick-cooking and fast-melting capacity of it.

Whereas other types, such as sliced mozzarella, might take minutes to melt through and start to brown, shaved mozzarella can easily be melted through in a matter of seconds due to its thin and even structure.

Diced or sliced mozzarella can sometimes lead to an unevenly cooked or soggy pizza, resulting in a less enjoyable pizza experience and slower customer service due to the cooking time.


2. Even Coverage  

Uneven coverage can often result in dry, cheese-less sections of your pizza which is never desirable, especially when serving customers who are expecting high-quality pizza. 
Using shaved mozzarella is a simple and straightforward way to ensure even and accurate distribution across your pizzas, with consistent coverage every time. Due to the size, structure and melting capability of shaved mozzarella, it’s near impossible to have uneven coverage on your pizzas – win-win! 

Handmade Artisan Look 

As well as improved texture and taste, shaved or grated mozzarella can provide a much more authentic, artisan appearance to your pizza.  

Whether it’s hand-grated or not, you can easily introduce a handmade and higher-quality look to your pizza by simply using shaved mozzarella rather than sliced or cubed (which both provide a more commercial and machine-made appearance).

Pepperoni Pizza Uncut

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