My Little Pizza

Brought to you by Il Uno Artisan, our 6" Cheese & Tomato Focaccia Pizza Bases are a delicious, healthy lunch option for your school canteen or childcare centre.

Boasting the same authentic Italian flavour and premium crust as our 9" and 12" Margherita range, these smaller pizza bases are lower in sodium with only 340mg per 100g and are perfect for kids!

We even provide FREE* lunch bags that offer young consumers the chance to win dough-licious prizes by entering our My Little Pizza x Dough Tribe monthly competitions!


The Ultimate Pizza Solution

Add Toppings

Add Toppings

Simply add toppings to frozen pizza bases and store in freezer between layers of baking paper.
Cook In Minutes

Cook In Minutes

Defrost pizzas and cook to perfection in any oven, or ask about our FREE* Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Oven
Feed Hungry Mouths!

Feed Hungry Mouths!

Serve at your school canteen or childcare centre using our FREE* vibrant lunch bags.

Why You'll Love Our Pizza Bases

Authentic Italian Recipe

Crafted in Italy by a Pizzaiolo who has more love for pizza than your Nonna. We deliver customers an authentic taste experience, without the travel.

100% Natural Ingredients

Our dough features a combination of premium Italian flours that contains less gluten than regular flours, offering superb taste and easy digestion.

24-Hour Leavening

We give our dough the perfect amount of time it needs to leaven; achieving a light airy base and in the case of our Neopolitan bases, fluffy crusts.

Hand Stretched In Italy

Our dough is delicately hand-stretched to ensure each pizza base has its own unique appearance in shape, dough bubbles and char. No two bases are alike.

Wood Fire Parbaked

Our pizza bases are partially baked in traditional wood-fired stone pizza ovens, enhancing the aroma and flavour with a subtle hint of smoke.

Our Mission

Our canteen-focused brand, My Little Pizza, is designed to create healthier, simple lunches for kids, while also providing schools and childcares with a quick and easy solution.

Our delicious 6" Focaccia Pizza Bases come pre-topped with cheese & tomato so all you have to do is add toppings and cook! Crafted with an authentic Italian recipe and par-baked to perfection, these low-sodium pizza bases cook fast in any oven.

Kids will love the taste, and you will love the simplicity!


Napoli Margherita Pizza Bases (Premium Crust)

Sizes Available

Transport your customers to Italy with our pre-made Artisan Margherita Pizza Bases. Delicately hand-stretched, authentically made, and topped with Italian tomato polpa and creamy mozzarella. Our Margherita Pizza Bases feature a premium Napoli crust, with thicker, higher bubbled ends and softer dough, honouring authentic Neapolitan techniques. 

Our Pizza Bases are lovingly crafted with an authentic Italian recipe and include only the highest-quality, freshest ingredients. Easily cut down on wastage and costs in your food service, hospitality or retail business with our par-baked Margherita Bases!

Host Pizza Events & Fundraisers

School Fetes

School Fetes

Running a pizza stall at your next school fete couldn't be easier. Save time and avoid the cost of organising third-party food trucks; Our team can set up a My Little Pizza stand display and supply all cooking equipment for you... all you have to do is buy Focaccia Pizza Bases to sell and operate the stand!
Formals & Discos

Formals & Discos

What makes a school-aged dance even better than just great tunes and a photobooth? HOT, delicious pizza! Our pre-topped Cheese & Tomato Focaccia Pizza Bases are so quick and easy to cook in batches and can be enjoyed with or without toppings - the perfect feed for hungry kids!
Trivia Nights

Trivia Nights

Thinking of hosting a games day or trivia night at your school or childcare? Keep guests' hunger satisfied by adding authentic Italian pizza to your menu offering. We can assist with set-up and suggest a range of vegetarian and savoury meat recipes that will keep them coming back each week!

FREE* Pizza Lunch Bags

Take advantage of our complimentary tuckshop bag offering when you meet MOQ on your 6" Cheese & Tomato Focaccia Pizza Base order. Fun and vibrant, these bag are easy to store, and make serving and eating hot pizza all the more simple.


Enter to Win Prizes!

Engage students with the chance to win awesome prizes every month by entering our My Little Pizza competition! Our tasty prize pool is proudly brought to you by Dough Tribe.

Simply scan the QR code on the back of the MLP lunch bag to enter - staff can enter too!


Top 4 Kid-Approved Recipes

Cheese & Tomato

Cheese & Tomato

Ham & Pineapple

Ham & Pineapple



BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken


KARYNCanteen Manager, QLD

I've tried these pizzas myself and they are as good as they look. We started off with a Tuesday 'Pizza Day' lunch option and it's been so popular with the kids we are now offering these all week. So easy to change up the toppings and cook up as needed so no waste.


To check MOQ requirements and organise your complimentary 6" Focaccia Pizza Base add-on, please contact our team.

Nutritional information is available on each product listing. You can view all products here.

Unfortunately, none of our bases are currently gluten-free. We do have a Gluten Free Plain Base in the works, if you're interested please contact our team.

Our range of Plain Pizza Bases contain no animal and dairy products, therefore is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Due to the factory of production, it is mindful to note that they may contain traces of fish and soy.

Our Margherita Pizza Bases are vegetarian, containing no meat products. Due to the place of production, it is mindful to note that they may also contain traces of fish and soy.

We do not recommend cooking your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases from frozen. The cheese will not have adequate time to melt and may cause burning of both the cheese and base.

For best results, thaw/defrost the frozen pizza base for 30 minutes prior to cooking.

This will differ among each product. You can find carton configuration information by viewing the ‘Specifications’ section on each product listing. You can browse all products here.

The frozen shelf life of our Focaccia Pizza Bases (stored at -18°C) is 18 months.

The chilled shelf life is 3 days (72 hours). Once it is defrosted, do not refreeze.

If you find that your oven is faulty, request a new oven using this Oven Request Form

*Free pizza oven is available to eligible customers. Get in touch to find out more. **Free lunch bags are subject to terms & conditions.

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