Best Christmas in July Recipes and Menu

Jul 11, 2023Millie Ward

Christmas in July is one of the best times to introduce new and limited edition menu items, not only to captivate your customers and increase interest, but also to offer your customers a unique and limited-time experience. 

We've even put together a FREE Christmas in July Pizza Menu and POS Package that you can download and print yourself - including posters and menus that will help your customers get in the festive mood! 

Running limited-time promotions and menus is an excellent way to draw more customers into your restaurant and encourage them to spend more on the special occasion, therefore increasing your sales. 

Christmas in July is an exciting festive event that you can easily promote for the whole month of July by introducing new menu items, special festive drinks or putting a Christmas-themed twist on some of your current menu items. 

A specialised Christmas in July pizza menu is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion - pizza is the perfect sharing dish that everyone loves so you know it will always be a high-selling option on your menu



To help your foodservice venue maximise sales and take advantage of the Christmas in July occasion, we’ve whipped up some delicious Christmas-inspired recipes that are great for making your menu just that bit more festive! 

All of these recipes require only a handful of ingredients, are quick and easy to cook up and combine delicious festive flavours that you can even offer year-round. 

Christmas in July Menu Ideas


Feta, Truffle and Mushroom Pizza

With feta and mushrooms being popular options on any menu and truffles increasing in popularity by more than 19% in 2022, you can’t go wrong with this delicious vegetarian pizza!  

Simple pizza recipes that include fresh truffles or truffle oil, like this Feta, Truffle and Mushroom Pizza are great options to have on your menu as they’re easy to make and provide customers with a gourmet choice with the addition of fresh truffles or truffle oil. 

Ingredients: sliced mushrooms, crumbled feta, truffle oil, fresh or dried basil.

Chicken, Cranberry and Brie Pizza with Stuffing 

This pizza presents all of the familiar festive flavours that your customers will love, and it’s absolutely perfect as a hearty meal on your Christmas in July menu.

With simple ingredients and incredible flavour this Chicken, Cranberry and Brie Pizza with Stuffing is one that can’t be missed on your menu! 

Ingredients: shredded chicken, brie cheese, cranberry sauce, chicken stuffing, fresh or dried basil. 



Ham, Potato and Rosemary Pizza 

Your customers won’t be able to stop at just one slice with this Christmas-inspired Ham, Potato and Rosemary Pizza. 

It combines salty smoked ham with aromatic fresh rosemary and everyone’s favourite - crispy sliced potatoes. In a nutshell, this pizza has the perfect hearty combination that your customers will love - and that’s easy to make for your kitchen staff. 

Plus, potato on pizza is an authentic Italian recipe that you don’t usually find in restaurants across Australia and New Zealand - so this menu item is sure to set you apart from your competitors. 

Ingredients: smoked ham, sliced potatoes, fresh or dried rosemary, sea salt.



Pavlova Dessert Pizza

Possibly one of the most iconic Australian Christmas desserts, pavlova is something that many people love but you don’t often see it on menus! 

This Pavlova Dessert Pizza is the perfect fresh sharing dish, topped with fresh fruit and crunchy vanilla meringue. To save on costs of fruit, you can go for a range of winter fruits that are in season during Christmas in July, including bananas, apples or kiwi fruit.

Find out more about using seasonal produce in your venue here. 

Ingredients: mascarpone, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, bananas, strawberries, vanilla meringue. 



Speculoos Loaded Dessert Pizza 

We might be biased, but this Speculoos Loaded Dessert Pizza is one of our all-time favourites! Perfect year-round and made with only 4 ingredients, this chocolate dessert pizza is one you can’t exclude from your menu. 

It's the perfect cosy sweet treat that customers will be craving during the cooler months. Plus, you can top it with whatever seasonal fruit you like - raspberries, strawberries and bananas are always great options!

Ingredients: hazelnut spread, strawberries, sprinkles, Little Bakes Sincerely Speculoos biscuits.



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