Best Vegan Pizza Recipe Ideas

Jul 26, 2023Millie Ward

With 6% of the Australian population now following a vegan diet (the third highest percentage of vegans per capita in the world!), there's never been more demand for plant-based food in the foodservice industry than there is now. 

Additionally, about 12% of Australians are vegetarian, accounting for about 2.5 million people. As for New Zealand, at least 10% of their population are vegan and vegetarian, with a 19% increase in plant-based diets in the last two years. 

Did you know that vegan and vegetarian customers will almost always check your menu for suitable options for them before visiting your venue?

Therefore, if you're not offering vegetarian or vegan options on your menu, you're likely eradicating a decent section of your potential customers and impacting your overall sales!


Why You Should Add Vegan Options to Your Menu:

By adding tasty, healthy vegan options to your menu, you can create an innovative solution that will appeal to a much wider customer base. Here are just a few reasons why you should add vegan options to your menu:

  1. A restaurant that caters to vegans is much more likely to appeal to group bookings where there may be a variety of dietary requirements that need to be met.
  2. General word of mouth is a powerful tool; a tasty vegan choice can do wonders for your reputation amongst the vegan community.
  3. Most vegan options are generally cheaper with a wider profit margin – our Plain Pizza Bases are vegan by being dairy and egg free, all you need is some vegan cheese (optional!) and a few simple ingredients that will most likely already be at your disposal.


To help you introduce some exciting and fun plant-based recipes to your menu that your customers will love, we've put together 5 easy and delicious pizza recipes that you can easily implement in your venue, with the help of our vegan Plain Bases!


1. Vegan Mushroom and Truffle Pizza

Truffles in the food space are on an unstoppable upwards trend and have increased in popularity by more than 19% in the last year. Simple pizza recipes that include fresh truffles or truffle oil, like this Mushroom Truffle Pizza, are great vegan options to have on your menu. 

Ingredients: Plain pizza base, pizza sauce, sliced mushrooms, truffle oil, vegan cheese, fresh basil. 



2. Vegan Taco Pizza 

This Tex-Mex inspired vegan pizza combines the best of both worlds - tacos and pizza! Simply use a plant-based meat like quorn mince to replicate beef and add on your favourite taco toppings, such as onion and avocado. 

Ingredients: Plain pizza base, pizza sauce, quorn mince, red onion, capsicum, fresh chilli, taco sauce, avocado, coriander, vegan cheese. 



3. Vegan BBQ Cauliflower Pizza

For the vegans that love a smoky BBQ flavour, this pizza is one you can't miss having on your menu! For even more flavour, you can roast the cauliflower instead of steaming it before adding it to your pizza. 

Ingredients: Plain pizza base, BBQ sauce, steamed cauliflower, rocket, smoky paprika, vegan cheese, vegan aioli. 



4. Vegan Potato and Rosemary Pizza

This traditionally Italian Potato and Rosemary Pizza will definitely spark your customers' interest and get them excited - not many venues offer this authentic and delicious vegan pizza recipe!

Ingredients: Plain pizza base, sliced white potatoes, olive oil, fresh rosemary, vegan cheese.



5. Vegan Bruschetta Pizza

Perfect for sharing and a great addition to your entree menu, this yummy Bruschetta Pizza is quick and easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. 

Ingredients: Plain pizza base, olive oil, diced tomatoes, crumbled vegan feta, fresh parsley, balsamic glaze. 


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