My Local Pizza

Our range of artisan pizzas are topped fresh in-store - combining the best of Italy with the best of local Aussie produce - and are the perfect hearty fix for all your cravings!

Head to the gourmet chiller section at your local participating store to grab your own hand-stretched pizza today! You can take your pizza home and bake it yourself or ask our friendly staff in the deli to stone-bake it for you in-store.

Choose from a variety of delicious pizzas, including: Meatlover, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Vegetarian, BBQ Chicken and Supreme - availability may differ per store.


Choose Your Own Adventure Pizza

Cooked Fresh

Cooked Fresh

Select from a variety of delicious pizza flavours that have been topped fresh daily with local ingredients - cooked to order so you can enjoy pizza hot from the oven!
Grab & Go

Grab & Go

Popping in-store for a quick bite on your lunch break? Rushing home to feed the kids? Grab a hot, gourmet pizza that's ready to go from the hotbox!
Take & Bake

Take & Bake

Want to buy now and eat later? Our artisan pizzas can be found in the gourmet chiller section and are the perfect solution for a delicious dinner ready in under 4 mins.

Why You'll Love Our Pizza

Authentic Italian Recipe

Crafted in Italy by a Pizzaiolo who has more love for pizza than your Nonna. We deliver customers an authentic taste experience, without the travel.

Fresh, Local Toppings

Our artisan bases are topped in-store with fresh, local ingredients from the deli. Enjoying gourmet comfort food and supporting local businesses has never been easier - or tastier!

Rich Polpa Sauce

Our tomato sauce is made up of pure San Marzano tomato polpa, with a combination of our finest herbs and spices. The fresh flavour is achieved by excluding sugar and preservatives.

Creamy Italian Mozzarella

Our stringy Italian Mozzarella melts to perfection. With our continuous investment into product development, we can ensure even spread to deliver the ultimate cheese pull.

Wood Fire Parbaked

Our pizza bases are partially baked in traditional wood-fired stone pizza ovens, enhancing the aroma and flavour with a subtle hint of smoke.

Hand Stretched In Italy

Our dough is delicately hand-stretched to ensure each pizza base has its own unique appearance in shape, dough bubbles and char. No two bases are alike.

100% Natural Ingredients

Our dough features a combination of premium Italian flours that contains less gluten than regular flours, offering superb taste and easy digestion.

24-Hour Leavening

We give our dough the perfect amount of time it needs to leaven; achieving a light airy base and in the case of our Neopolitan bases, fluffy crusts.

My Local Pizza

Our Story

Our goal is to offer the most authentic, artisan Italian pizza right in your local grocer or deli.

Once we’d sourced only the highest-quality Italian ingredients to create our delicious My Local Pizza pizza bases, it was then our mission to support Australian businesses and farmers by using their locally grown produce to enhance our product range. 

Now, our My Local Pizza products combine the best of Italy with the best of local Aussie businesses - to create the ultimate convenient, healthier, irresistible pizza.


Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Oven


Looking for a pizza-match made in heaven? You just found it!

Our Pizzeria Pro Stone Base Pizza Oven is expertly custom designed to cook our My Local Pizza Bases to crispy stone-baked perfection in under 4 minutes.

Compact, portable and electric plug-in, this trendy jade-coloured pizza oven fits comfortably in any kitchen space. Make your culinary dreams a reality anywhere, anytime! Available for sale at - with FREE tools and timer.



Nutritional information is available on each product listing. You can view all products here.

Unfortunately, none of our bases are currently gluten-free. We do have a Gluten Free Plain Base in the works, if you're interested please contact our team.

Our range of Plain Pizza Bases contain no animal and dairy products, therefore is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Due to the factory of production, it is mindful to note that they may contain traces of fish and soy.

Our Margherita Pizza Bases are vegetarian, containing no meat products. Due to the place of production, it is mindful to note that they may also contain traces of fish and soy.

We do not recommend cooking your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases from frozen. The cheese will not have adequate time to melt and may cause burning of both the cheese and base.

For best results, thaw/defrost the frozen pizza base for 30 minutes prior to cooking.

The frozen shelf life of our pizza bases (stored at -18°C) are as follows:

Plain Pizza Base = 12 months

Margherita Pizza Base = 18 months

The chilled shelf life is 3 days (72 hours). Once it is defrosted, do not refreeze.